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Hair care is our specialty Sydney Hair Clinic has been dedicated to helping men and women who experience problematic and thinning hair.

We have a deep understanding of the industry and each client is treated with a tailored individual program.

In addition, Sydney Hair Clinic provides innovative, undetectable hair replacement solutions for not only male pattern baldness but also alopecia sufferers, bald patch caused by surgery, burns casualties and for those who temporarily lose their hair during chemotherapy. This is why our procedures have been recognised by leading hospitals and doctors as the “physician’s choice” for non-surgical hair restoration.

Male pattern hair loss is caused by a combination of male hormones and genetic (hereditary) factors. The main male hormone is testosterone, both men and women have testosterone in the blood but this level is higher in men.

Unlike hair loss in men, female scalp hair loss may commonly begin at any age, and may not have any obvious hereditary association. A woman who notices the beginning of hair loss may not be sure if the loss is going to be temporary or permanent.

Unique to Sydney Hair Clinic is our highly specialised team of designers and image consultants that have dedicated their energies to providing extraordinary solutions to hair loss resulting from MALE PATTERN BALDNESS, CHEMOTHERAPY, RADIATION, TRAUMA, BURN, ALOPECIA AREATA and other medically related hair loss conditions.

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